Efficient, fast and reliable
modular transport solutions.

Specific solutions

If a conveyor belt in the logistics sector is idle for one hour, the entire planning is at risk. With waiting drivers, delayed delivery times and dissatisfied customers as a result. Therefore, work with our reliable and fast transport systems that keep your business always running.

Fast forward to the right system

Mat-Top Conveyor

The Mat-Top Conveyor offers your company the benefits of a readily extendable conveyor system, fast delivery times and a reliable partner. Furthermore, it enables you to contribute to a sustainable and circular economy. Opt for implementation of a system that will remain operable for many years to come.

Chain conveyor

Work faster, as well as more safely and efficiently, using our chain conveyor. The innovative components of our STRETCH_LINE system turn your modular chain conveyor into a tough teammate. Save time and money with our safe and reliable system. Get your business running at full speed.

Belt Conveyor

Opt for a maintenance-free, powerful and efficient transport solution, and install our belt conveyor at your company premises. This modular system continues to operate for many years, keeping your production process up and running at all times.

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