Chain Conveyor

The innovative STRETCH_LINE system makes the modular
chain conveyor a powerful asset.

The innovative STRETCH_LINE system makes the modular chain conveyor a powerful assat.

Work faster, as well as more safely and efficiently, using our chain conveyor. The innovative components of our STRETCH_LINE system turn your modular chain conveyor into a tough teammate. Save time and money with our safe and reliable system. Get your business running at full speed.


Create your ideal system


Maximised production


Meets hygienic requirements


Safe system


  • total width 65 mm
  • chain width 62 mm
  • product width 15-140 mm
  • maximum track speed: 80 m/min
  • maximum runway length: 30 m
  • max. product weight in transport direction:
    – horizontal: 10 kg
    – vertical: 5 kg


  • total width 90 mm
  • chain width 87 mm
  • product width 20-200 mm
  • maximum track speed: 80 m/min
  • maximum runway length: 30 m
  • max. product weight in transport direction:
    – horizontal: 10 kg
    – vertical: 5 kg


  • specifications as STRETCH_LINE 090
  • available with closed slot in main profile
  • powder no longer sticks due to the closed profile
  • dirt at slot is avoided


  • total width 200 mm
  • chain width 194 mm
  • product width 100-400 mm
  • maximum track speed: 60 m/min
  • maximum runway length: 30 m
  • max. product weight: 200 kg

Suitable for internal transport

The chain conveyor is used for the internal transport of numerous products, semi-finished products and raw materials. For example, the tobacco industry relies on it for lightning-quick production, while it can be just as seamlessly incorporated in the transport of flasks, butter and chocolates. Available in widths of 65, 90 or 200 millimetres, the chain conveyor is ideal for the transport of relatively small products.

Applicable in confined spaces

The compact chain conveyor conveniently fits in any factory building. You can therefore install it in a tight corner or confined space. Or you may wish to reduce the number of square kilometres occupied by implementing sharp bends, thus acquiring additional space for other purposes. Our modular system is highly versatile. This enables us to devise a tailor-made solution that meets all your expectations.

The characteristics of the chain conveyor

  • Aluminium or stainless steel model
  • Available in widths of 65, 90 or 200mm
  • Max. load of 200kg
  • Operating range of -20 to 80 degrees Celsius
  • Small chain pitch of 25.4 mm
  • Operating speed of up to 80m/min
  • Noise level of no more than 67dB when running at a speed of 35m/min

Use every second

The manufacturing sector calls for increasing speed. And you know better than anyone that time is money. The chain conveyor enables you to use literally every second. This conveyor can move your products to the appropriate location at dizzying speeds. It can operate at rates of up to 80 metres per minute. Even if the distances involved extend from one end of your business premises to the other. Scale up production and save valuable time.

Maximised production

A long conveyor belt also calls for a longer chain conveyor. The greater the length, however, the bigger the chance of the chain coming off. You simply can’t afford that kind of standstill. That’s why we launched the STRETCH_LINE system. The smaller link we use helps keeps the chain firmly in place. The system therefore prevents production downtime, while always keeping your business running at a considerable pace.

Safe system

Despite its high speed, the chain conveyor is extremely safe. While most systems use exposed gears to drive the chain, our chain conveyor has a very limited number of openings. Both the drive system and bends, for instance, are enclosed in a unique fashion. Create a safe working environment in your company using our STRETCH_LINE.

The Mat-Top Conveyor can therefore be up and running within a week. The conveyor belt comprises various components that you can assemble yourself. Simply think of it as a construction kit. We supply you with the parts, which you assemble yourself with the help of a manual. Simple and quick.

Work more hygienically, safely and quickly

We continue to develop and modify our transport systems, with a view to supplying you with the quickest, most reliable and safest solution. For example, we now also supply our chain conveyor with a closed trench instead of an open trench. Witness for yourself how powder no longer sticks to the belt, while dirt does not accumulate around the opening. You can therefore work not only more hygienically and safely, but also faster, as the belt continues to travel smoothly.

Create your ideal system

Packaging companies are not subject to the stringent hygiene standards applicable in the food industry. Our chain conveyor is suitable for use in numerous industries and types of business. You create your own unique chain in order to comply with the specific requirements. If the chain conveyor needs to be cleaned with water or has to transport moist materials then you should choose the stainless steel model. If the chain conveyor is to operate in a dry environment, however, then you may opt for the aluminium model.

The benefits of the modular chain conveyor

Hefty price tags and long delivery times are often applicable when purchasing tailor-made systems. Such systems also prove complex in terms of both installation and repair. That is why we opted to supply modular systems. Benefit from lower costs, quick implementation and speedy service. Here’s how it works:

Save on costs

Because we supply you with ready-made components including instructions for use, you are no longer reliant on our mechanics. This saves you both installation costs and waiting time, given the busy schedules that installers are renowned for. In addition to reducing your costs, this approach helps ensure that your new chain conveyor is up and running sooner. You receive the components within one week of placing your order.

Can you wait a little longer, or aren’t you keen on DIY? In that case, our mechanics would be pleased to assist you. We can install the conveyor within three to four weeks, and spend no longer than one working day at your site.

Reliable teamwork

As industries continue to expand exponentially, firms that place an order have come to expect next-day delivery. Any production shutdown causes dissatisfaction among customers and partners alike. Reliable transport systems are therefore essential. Opting for the chain conveyor is basically tantamount to adding a rock-solid member to your team. As the STRETCH_LINE components are of high quality, they do not fall short of the mark.

Swift service

Thanks to the modular nature of the STRETCH_LINE chain conveyor system, we carry considerable stock of components. This enables us to supply new parts immediately, whenever something breaks down or needs to be replaced. Moreover, the components are extremely easy to replace. This helps you minimise the length of any shutdowns.

Contribute to a circular economy

Reduce your carbon footprint, while also ensuring that you comply more closely with CSR criteria. Purchasing the chain conveyor implies that you contribute to a circular economy. Our partners recycle the materials we use. For instance, our scrap plastics are utilised for a range of alternative purposes. These include the production of bin liners. Our used aluminium is also fully recycled. Opting for this conveyor belt renders your business both greener and more environmentally conscious in one fell swoop.

Low noise level

Carry out production in a quiet working environment, while avoiding the use of disturbing and noisy machinery in your factory. Thanks to the chain conveyor’s smart technology, it generates a noise level of no more than around 67dB, when operating at a speed of 35 metres per minute. Your workforce therefore runs no risk of incurring a hearing impairment, and can also communicate conveniently with one another. Furthermore, employees are legally permitted to work for extended periods in a workplace with a noise level lower than 80dB, while it also makes for a pleasant working environment.

Get acquainted with your customised system

Developing a reliable, quick and efficient chain conveyor is no mean feat. Thanks to our many years of experience in the sector, we are now capable of devising the ultimate solutions for a wide range of industries. Let us assist you therefore. We would be pleased to establish which system best serves your purpose.

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