Belt Conveyor

Our belt conveyor ensures a maintenance-free, powerful and
efficient transport solution in your company.

Our belt conveyor ensures a maintenance-free, powerful and efficient transport solution in your company.

Opt for a maintenance-free, powerful and efficient transport solution, and install our belt conveyor at your company premises. This modular system continues to operate for many years, keeping your production process up and running at all times.


Swift and effective


Flexible and readily extendable


Full maintenance service


Carry out your own installation and replacement

Powerful thanks to simplicity

The belt conveyor is perhaps the best known transport solution. This can be attributed to its solid, simple concept: two conical rollers driving a conveyor belt. This simplicity makes for a reliable system that will last for many years, even if little maintenance is carried out. We have such confidence in this system that we offer a guarantee valid for no less than 24 months. Opting for our systems means opting for certainty.

For numerous sectors

The belt conveyor is suitable for use in a wide range of industries, including the food and logistics sectors. It can transport both bulk goods and general cargo in boxes or crates. The system can effortlessly move all types of packaged products. These range from fragile eggs to heavy boxes. We can devise a transport solution for any company, no matter how small or large it may be.

Characteristics of the belt conveyor:

  • Heavy loads up to 1000kg
  • Choice of aluminium and stainless steel models
  • PVC, PU or plastic link belt types
  • Drum-motor, direct or vertical drive system
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Does not generate any noise
  • Standard or tailor-made

Thinking along

The belt conveyor is often the first thing that comes to mind as a transport solution. Selecting the right system, however, depends very much on the type of product, the business premises and your wishes. For instance, a belt conveyor is more energy efficient than a chain conveyor, while it serves perfectly as a connection between several systems. We recommend the most suitable solution on the basis of your particular wishes, then implement a tailor-made product.

In the event that sharp bends have to be negotiated or considerable distances covered, then our other systems may prove more suitable. Discover the suitability of our compact chain conveyor or Mat-Top Conveyor for adding, filling and packaging.

Swift and effective

While one company may be looking to purchase a complete new conveyor system, the other only needs a replacement belt for an existing system. FS Solutions offers you the dual benefits of a supplier that can provide both complete tailor-made systems and a range of individual components, such as a chain conveyor, spindle or profiled section. Or you may opt for a system without a motor, if you already have a drive unit. Our parts are suitable for use in numerous types of machinery.

Carry out your own installation and replacement

The supply of tailor-made systems can often take quite some time. Not in our case. We hold stock of all the components we use. If speed is of the essence, we would be pleased to send you the parts. You can then assemble the system yourself by following our clear instructions. In that case, you also save on installation costs, as our mechanics do not have to come out.

Hold your own stock

Another major advantage of our modular systems is that you can hold your own stock of spares. Simply order the components in question and store them in your own warehouse. Whenever a part needs to be replaced, you fetch it from storage. In that case, you avoid any worries about delivery times and can get your business up and running again in no time.

Flexible and readily extendable

Our systems can be readily extended to keep pace with expansion of your business. For example, simply install an additional chain or mat-top conveyor whenever production needs to be stepped up. All our modular components fit together seamlessly. So, you never have to purchase whole new systems. This is not only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly.


If our systems do need to be replaced, then we surrender the used materials to local firms for recycling. Aluminium is reused, while our waste plastics are also reprocessed. This is the way we contribute to a circular economy.

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